Clinical Cleaning in Granite City, IL; How Do You Deep Clean a Nursing Home Room?

For those who manage or own a Nursing home, it is important to provide the healthiest environment for your residents. A nursing home needs to be a safe place for your clients as well as your staff. There are many different ways to achieve a healthy nursing home, and one of them is with professional cleaning. Cleaning keeps the nursing home orderly, and free of dust, pollen, and germs. There are many way cleaning can help improve the condition of a nursing home or any medical facility. American Hometown Services will share how commercial cleaning can help ensure a clean and healthy nursing home.

Healthier & Safer Nursing Home

A commercial cleaning service can help provide a safer and healthier space for your guests and your staff members. When cleaning a nursing home, you will require the proper strategies to make sure your building is cleaned. When cleaning a nursing home or an assisted living facility, you can’t stir up dust or use harsh chemicals. Most people living at a nursing home are the elderly or those with various health conditions or disabilities. With that in mind, the nursing home will need to be cleaned and disinfected without compromising the residents. A professional cleaning service will often have a process in how they clean a nursing home.

Cleaning Service to Work Around Your Schedule

When cleaning a nursing home, you will have residents there all day long. In fact, there is likely never a time where the nursing home will be empty. This means a cleaning service will need to work around the residents. The resident’s room will need to be cleaned when they are not occupying it. Usually during the day, it is the best time to clean the rooms. The rooms and bathrooms will be dusted and wiped down with a disinfectant. Floors need to be cleaned, carpets vacuumed and beds need to be made. All of the nursing home’s protocols will be followed ensuring the resident’s rooms are clean.

Clean Nursing Home Recreation Room

Another area of the nursing home that needs to be cleaned every day is the recreational rooms. Most nursing homes will have a recreational room or an area for the residents in which they will gather. Again, these areas are best cleaned when the residents have retired to their room for the night. This will allow everything to be cleaned and disinfected. Nursing home residents spend a lot of time in recreational areas which demands a thorough and properly cleaning.

Sanitize Kitchen & Dining Areas

Kitchen and dining areas need to be cleaned after each meal. However, at the end of the day, the kitchen and dining areas will need to be deep cleaned and disinfected. A kitchen, depending on its design, can have its own unique needs. Dining tables and chairs need to be wiped down and cleaned. Trash bags changed out, and the floor mopped clean. The kitchen also need a detailed cleaning. Kitchen and dining areas not only need to be clean to keep the guests healthy, but to prevent pests.

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A nursing home needs to have a proper cleaning to ensure the health and safety for everyone. When you need a quality commercial cleaning service, contact American Hometown Services and schedule our services today.

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