Categories of Flood & Water Damage in Warsaw, IL; 1 Clear, 2 Gray & 3 Black Water. How to Cleanup & Restore After a Water Emergency

Water damage is broken into three different classes of toxicity. One of which you could easily take care of by calling a professional carpet cleaning for water extraction, carpet drying, cleaning and deodorization. Other classes call for more intensive clean up efforts. Fortunately you can call in water damage restoration and mold remediation professionals like American Hometown Services for any severity of water and flood damage!

Classes, Categories & Classification of Water & Flood Damage

There are several different levels and classes involved in water destruction. Let’s start with the three categories of toxicity. They are often referred to by color or more specifically the color of the water. The darker the color the more hazardous to you, your home and your family the water is. There are also four classes of destruction which we will address in a future blog!

Category 1 Water Damage; Clear Water

Clear water, the least hazardous of the three classes of water damage is what may be caused by an overfilled bathtub or sink. A dishwasher or washing machine that malfunctions also applies. It’s often clean or clear water that is safe for you to clean up on your own but can cause problems if, say a pipe bursts or you have a leaky roof during or after rain and carpeted areas or drywall are saturated. If these areas are not properly dried that could quickly turn into the second class. Its best to call a carpet cleaning company for water extraction and drying to be sure that “clear water” doesn’t stand too long and grow mold or fungus.

Category 2 Water Damage; Gray Water

This is water that you might find in your mop bucket. It’s water that may have overflowed from a washing machine drain or from the drain or trap in your sink. Overflow water from a toilet that may contain urine but no feces is also classified as “gray water” or water that may have some contaminates and could cause illness or discomfort if ingested. When dealing with gray water is best to wear gloves or give American Hometown Services a call to help clean up and prevent damage due to this type of water.

Category 3 Water Damage; Black Water

This is the most disgusting or unsanitary of the three categories; often containing toxic materials. It is recommended that you DO NOT try to clean this up yourself. This is fluid that may have come from a backed up or flooded sewer containing human waste. This water may also contain chemicals, bacteria and/or pesticides that may cause harm to you, your family or your home. Ingesting this could cause severe illness or even death. Again it is advised to call professionals to your home for any clean up required.

Water Damage Cleanup, Restoration & Remediation in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri

Rather than attempting to clean water damage yourself, consider giving American Hometown Services a call to assess any damage that may have been caused. We will safely clean up and fix or restore anything damaged by water in your home. Flood damage, leaks, burst pipes. Anything water could damage American Hometown Services can handle. Give us a call whenever water damage disasters strike!

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