Carpet Turned Yellow in Macomb, IL? Phenolic Yellowing Spot & Stain Discoloration Repair

Nothing is worse than going to rearrange your living space and noticing that your carpets are not clean! You might be seeing what lots of people see when they arrange their room and that is the carpets original color under your couches and rugs. This can be an annoyance but it can be repaired by having your carpets cleaned. The carpets are often different in shades because the exposed carpet is being walked on and the carpet under is cleaner. If you move the furniture or rearrange it, you need to be sure that the carpets are cleaned. Another problem that you may find is your carpet has started to yellow under the pieces of furniture. Once you have determined that the carpet has actually got a yellow tint you will need to have it repaired.

American Hometown Services Explains Why Your Carpet May Have Turned Yellow & What You Can Do To Stop It

What Causes Yellow Stains on Carpet?: There is a reaction that can occur on certain types of carpets. The carpet you have in your home could be the culprit of this reaction. The yellowing of a textile including carpets is called phenolic yellowing. If you have carpets that have a compound called butylhydroxyltoluene or BHT you are at risk. The BHT that is often found in carpet fibers, padding and glue needs to have room to breathe. It is released from the carpet and poses no risk if it is in the air. The only problem is when you set large pieces of furniture or rugs on a carpet that has BHT. The large items stifle the air flow and that means that the BHT has to go back down. No one is going to carpet a room and leave it empty so you should be aware. The release of the BHT will cause the carpet to react and start to change yellow. It doesn’t matter what color the carpet was prior.
How Can You Prevent Phenolic Yellowing On Your Carpet?: If you want to do what you can to prevent this yellowing from occurring you need to know what happens. The carpet that has the BHT or even the rug that has this same compound will need room to breathe. You don’t want to leave the room empty so you need to allow air time occasionally. The best time to do this is when you have your carpet cleaned professionally. You can move the large pieces of furniture out as well as the rugs and have them cleaned. When you have them cleaned the carpet can breathe. This is the best way to prevent your carpets from yellowing. You can also switch the room around and rearrange the furniture.
Can You Clean or Remove Phenolic Yellowing Stains: The problem is that phenolic yellowing is actually a reaction and cannot be removed. The yellowing has changed the makeup of the carpet and will now need to be replaced. There are some chances that having your carpet dyed will also take care of the problem.

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