Areas that Should Be Cleaned More Often in Your Hannibal, MO House ; Door Knobs & More

House cleaning is a never ending chore, but it must be done to improve your home’s safety, the health of household members, and of course ascetics. However, there are some places in the home that often get overlooked and should be cleaned more often. Most of these areas are teaming with germs and bacteria. In turn, they are the leading cause of spreading illnesses within the home. American Hometown Services will share what places need more attention during regular house cleaning.

Areas that Should Be Cleaned More Often

Door Knobs – One area that is filled will germs and bacteria is door knobs. Door knobs get touched everyday and often transmits germs to the entire household. If you’ve ever wondered how you got sick when you avoided those in your home with the flu as if they had the plague, think about what surfaces they touch and that you touch every day. Door knobs should be cleaned regularly with a disinfectant.
Light Switches – Another surface that is frequently touched and filled with germs, which in turn is shared with the entire household, is light switches. Just like door knobs, light switches should be wiped down during your regular cleaning with a disinfectant.
Ceiling Fans – For those who suffer from allergies, inspect your ceiling fans. Are they covered with dust? When fans get covered in dust they often trigger allergies while they are running. Dust is mostly dead hair and skin particles along with pollen and dust from outside. To help improve indoor air quality, dust your ceiling fan every time you clean your home, and wipe them down once a month with a disinfectant or cleaning solution.
Floor Mats – Floor mats often develop mold and other similar fungal growth, especially in the bathroom. It is recommend you use washable floor mats that you wash every other week or plastic and rubber floor mats that can be disinfected with a cleaner.
Appliances – There are appliances in the home that never get cleaned, such as laundry appliances and the dish washer. Most believe washing machines are self cleaning when this isn’t the case. However, they are easily cleaned using vinegar. Use a cup of vinegar and run it through a cycle to break up and remove any mineral build up. Same goes for the dish washer. Place a cup filled with vinegar in the middle of the top rack and run the dishwasher through a hot cycle.
Dryers – Dryers are another appliance that need regular cleaning, mostly the dryer vent. Lint often builds up inside the dryer vent which is hazardous and can catch on fire. Dryer vents should be cleaned once a month to ensure your home’s safety. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove as much lint inside the vent as possible.
Sinks – How often do you clean your sinks and drains? Most people don’t realize how much bacteria are inside their sink and in there drains. Obstructions often occur inside drains that are never cleaned. Both sinks and drain should be cleaned at least once a month. To clean drains and sinks, use half a cup of baking soda and pour it down the drain. Next pour a cup of vinegar, which causes the baking soda to bubble and will begin to break down any contaminates inside the drain. Lastly, boil a few cups of water then pour it down the drain for the final rinse.

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Make sure not to neglect these easily forgotten areas in your home. If you need help cleaning your home or business, contact American Hometown Services. We provide many valuable cleaning and restoration services.

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