Residential House & Commercial Cleaning Services in Quincy, IL

American Hometown Service, Inc is a full service janitorial, building maintenance, and house cleaning service provider, headquartered in Illinois, and delivering a number of services to the locals of Quincy, IL. Being dedicated to our commercial and residential customers, we at American Hometown Service, Inc deliver superior services at an affordable price. With qualified professionals working with advanced equipment and premium products, we are raising the standard in our execution of tasks, customer service, and professional ethics.

Carpet & Floor Cleaning

Throughout Quincy, Illinois and surrounding areas, American Hometown Service, Inc is including carpet and floor cleaning. At the bare minimum, the homeowners in Quincy should be having the carpets and other flooring such as tile and grout, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl among others, deep cleaned once a year. Deep cleaning the floors is essential for the health and longevity. When you need the carpet and flooring cleaned, American Hometown Service, Inc can get them done efficiently.

Pressure Cleaning & Power Washing

Exterior pressure washing for your commercial or residential property in the Greater Quincy, IL area is a highly beneficial service. American Hometown Service, Inc offers pressure cleaning services to help enhance curb appeal, improve the health, and help maintain a better condition of the outer environment. Cleaning wood, pavement, bricks, roofing and siding materials and so much more, pressure cleaning from American Hometown Service, Inc makes your home or business clean, sanitized and deodorized by removing pollution residues, mold and mildew, allergens, bacteria, dirt and debris, and so much more.

Air Duct Cleaning

American Hometown Service, Inc cleans your Quincy home and business’s air ducts thoroughly and efficiently. Build up in the air ducts impedes airflow, causing your HVAC system to strain. With cleaning, your HVAC system performs better, less energy is used, and power bills are reduced. Additionally, with American Hometown Service, Inc experts using specialized equipment, the air ducts are cleaned to improve the indoor air qualities, especially beneficial for those with respiratory issues, such as allergies and asthma.

Mold Removal & Remediation

Mold removal needs to be done by experts to ensure effectiveness in Quincy, Illinois. Mold is a dangerous microbe that can impact everyone’s health, as well as accelerate the deterioration of the materials it is growing on. Not only this, but mold is unsightly, unhealthy, and never good growing inside your home or business. Our certified experts can help remove the mold proficiently and in a timely manner.

Move In & Out House & Apartment Cleaning

Moving in or out of a home or commercial space in Quincy, Illinois has never been easier with American Hometown Service, Inc move in and move out cleaning services. Whether you want help cleaning the old and new locations, our experts have the training and expertise to ensure all of the cleaning is done.

Hoarder Clean Up

Cleaning up a hoarding site is a challenge. Many hoarders can have toxic substances and dangerous objects that you are unaware of. To ensure your safety and that the hoard is clean correctly in the Greater Quincy, IL area, contact American Hometown Service, Inc and let our certified specialists get it done safely and efficiently.

Post Construction Cleanup

Post construction cleanup requires the expertise of American Hometown Service, Inc. Whether you are a private customer, a developer, contractor, or other professional in construction, you want to ensure the home or business is properly cleaned. After a fresh construction, renovation, or remodeling contract, American Hometown Service, Inc will remove the construction debris, residues, and other substances and clutter from the site, scrub the place down, and make sure the space is ready to use.

Commercial Janitorial Cleaning

Commercial businesses across Quincy, IL have a reliable source to help clean and maintain their building. Our qualified professionals know the standards businesses have to comply with and make your business ready to impress and manage a healthy environment.

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