What is the Difference Between Cleaning & Janitorial Services in Saint Jacob, IL?

A clean commercial or public building is essential to ensuring a safe and healthier environment. A clean environment promotes a positive impression which helps to maintain clients, customers or students. The best way to maintain a clean and orderly building is with a quality janitorial service. Often there is some confusion between a janitorial service and a commercial cleaning service. For those who are unsure if they need a janitorial service, American Hometown Services would like to share what a janitorial service is and does.

What is Meant By Janitorial Services

A janitorial services is a type of commercial cleaning that provides routine and daily cleanings in a commercial or public setting. A janitorial cleaning service performs a number of duties while cleaning and maintaining the facility. A janitorial service helps to provide many services within the facility such as:
• Washing Windows and Glass Walls
• Dusting and Disinfecting the Interior Space
• Vacuum Carpets and Cleans Floors
• Cleans and Sanitizes Bathrooms
• Empty Trash and Recycle Bins
• Removes Chemical or Oil Spills
• Orders and Refills Supplies
• Notifies Building Owner/Manager of any Repairs
• Ensures the Building Follows Health and Safety Standards

Advantages of Hiring a Janitor

A janitorial service makes sure the building is properly maintained, clean and safe. Janitorial services are essential in certain settings. When there is a large building that needs daily attention, you will want a janitorial service. For commercial buildings that cater to a lot of people and yet is considered low maintenance, you will find that a commercial cleaning service every couple of days is enough. However, for daily cleaning as well as basic maintenance of a commercial building, you will need a dedicated cleaning service. A janitorial cleaning service can be there every day to clean and perform basic maintenance of the facility. The crew members are trained in all current cleaning guidelines including those from the CDC. They can help ensure the building remains a healthy environment. There are many benefits of having a janitorial service. If a commercial or public facility finds they need to improve their cleaning standards, it may be time to hire a janitorial service. One of the major benefits of having a janitorial cleaning service, is that you can tailor your cleaning needs and maintenance needs. Each commercial building will have its own needs. For example, a school building will have different concerns than would an office building. When hiring a janitorial service, you can create your own cleaning check list to meet your needs. Another benefit of a janitorial service, is that you can plan out the schedule. If you need a janitorial service every single day, you can request daily cleaning. If you find you need service only every other day or every couple of days and need everything a janitorial provides, they will come as often as you need them.

Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning Services & More in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri

When commercial cleaning doesn’t seem like enough, what you may need is a janitorial service. Commercial cleaning services does a thorough one time cleaning but doesn’t tend to other tasks that a janitorial service will. When you need more from you cleaning service, contact American Hometown Services. We provide janitorial services and much more!

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