How Do You Deal with Commercial Carpet Spills in Alton, IL? Professional Cleaning & Stain Removal

The commercial carpet in your space can be hard to manage when it comes to the spills between customers and employees. In an otherwise well-kept business space, the spots and stains found tarnishing your carpets can be damaging to the professional appearance. Not only will these stains displayed in the middle of your carpets be…

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What are Customized Commercial Cleaning Services in East Alton, IL for Offices, Retail & More

Every industry faces unique challenges, and when it comes to maintaining a clean and hygienic environment, the needs can vary greatly. Customizing janitorial services to cater to specific industry requirements is not just a necessity, it is an art. From healthcare facilities to educational institutions and corporate offices, each demands a tailored approach to ensure…

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Saving Water Soaked & Damaged Upholstered Furniture, Couches & Recliners in Taylor, IL

After a flood occurs you will want to immediately contact a flood restoration company. In addition to saving the flooring in your home, you may want to begin working on saving your upholstered furniture. To salvage your upholstery, American Hometown Services will share basic steps and additional important information on how you can save your…

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